What is an insurance score?

An insurance score is a number or rating statistically derived from a mathematical formula, computer application, model or other process that is based on credit information and used to help predict the future insurance loss exposure of a consumer. A credit based insurance score is used to help insurance companies attempt to identify which customers are more or less likely to file claims. RVOS is aware that every individual has their own financial circumstances. So, even if you don’t have the best credit rating, you are still eligible to receive discounts for being claims free.

Can I cover my personal property if I am a renter?

While you think there may not be much value to your personal property the cost of replacing your furniture and clothing can add up. We can cover your personal property in a house or an apartment. Coverage applies on premises and there is a limited amount of coverage that will apply elsewhere, anywhere in the world. To better understand the coverage and personalize the policy to meet your needs, check with your agent.

How much personal property insurance do I need?

Use our Home Inventory Checklist to itemize your belongings, note when you bought them and how much you paid. Review the list with your agent to help you determine the coverage you need.

We will work hard to give you the best coverage combinations to fit your lifestyle and budget.

What kind of protection do I need against liability claims?

Personal Liability Insurance covers you against damages arising from bodily injury and property damage, for which you may be legally responsible. Coverage is available for liability involving the use of your property (including swimming pools), the acts of your pets, and unintentional acts by you or qualified family members.

What kind of losses will I be covered for?

Typically, your home insurance covers a wide range of calamities, including fire, tornadoes, windstorms, lightning, hail, explosions, smoke, theft and vandalism. However, there are some limits on the amount of insurance you have. Be sure to review your coverage and address any coverage concerns with your agent.

When should I think about adding coverage?

You should contact your agent about reviewing your coverage whenever you change something significant about your home or its content, such as:

  • When you make an addition to your home
  • When you make any major purchase: jewelry, electronics, farm equipment, a boat or other recreational vehicles,to help guard against inflation

Why is first payment for the policy period more than the others?

The first payment for the new policy period includes the $25 Renewal Fee.

What are the processing fees for the quarterly payments and monthly bank draft?

There is a $5 processing fee for each quarterly installment payment and a $1 processing fee for each monthly bank draft.

What is the Policy Fee?

A flat amount added to the basic premium rate to reflect the cost of issuing a policy, establishing the required records, sending premium notices, and other related policy processing expenses.

Is there a charge for making a payment over the phone or online?

No, there is not a charge for making a payment over the phone or online.

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